Top 10 Cloud Computing Companies in India 2016 – Best Cloud Services

The listed Top 10 Cloud Computing Companies are the biggest players in Cloud Computing Industry in India. These giant cloud Computing companies Cover such businesses cloud development, security, data storage and application development. All the Cloud Computing companies having a good brand reputation among the Indian Consumers due to high quality services.So, here below is the list of Top Cloud Computing companies in India.

List of Top 10 Cloud Computing Companies in India

  1. Tata Consultancy Services |
  2. Infosys |
  3. Wipro Limited |
  4. InstaCompute – Tata Communication |
  5. Zenith InfoTech Limited |
  6. Cypher Cloud |
  7. Cirrologix Private Limited |
  8. Ctrls Datacenters Limited |
  9. Clogeny Technologies Private Limited |
  10. App Point |

Above list is the summery of top 10 Cloud Computing companies in India & below is the detailed overview of each Cloud Computing company. We have rearranged the list in descending order. Hope you will find this list beneficial for You.

10. App Point

App point is the leading cloud computing organization providing the best and simplified services. The organization makes use of the latest and advanced technology and business models delivering its customers the best services like process re-engineering, custom business application and development, and legacy migration. It deals with industries in various sectors including banking, finance, insurance, Pharma, and education.

9. Clogeny Technologies Private Limited

Clogeny Technologies Private Limited is the renowned cloud servicing organization providing simplified IT services and automation software. The company was acquired by MSys Technologies which provides world-class computing services, big data, and application space. With the amalgamation of software development and domain understanding, the company provides the best solutions for increased productivity.

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8. Ctrls Datacenters Limited

Ctrls Datacenters Limited is the well-known cloud computing company offering reliable services to keep your data safe and application active online. The company has worked with many famous brands in Indian Industry owing to its extraordinary client portfolio and features. The cloud services provided are spread over various domains like private cloud, cloud VPS, real cloud, enterprise cloud, and specialized hosting.

7. Cirrologix Private Limited

Cirrologix Private Limited is the global leader offering cloud-based technology services to a wide range of clients. The organization works to promote the cloud services and also utilize business applications to reduce the carbon footprints. With the use of advanced technology and tested market expertise, the company delivers products and services like implementation, migration, integration, consultation, and training.

6. Cipher Cloud

CipherCloud is the leading organization offering best cloud security and visibility allowing the brands to acquire cloud services along with data protection, compliance, and control. The company delivers the best cloud services to various industrial sectors like finances, insurance, healthcare, gaming, telecommunications and many others. Their open platform removes the issues pertaining to the cloud securities.

5. Zenith InfoTech Limited

Zenith Infotech Limited is the well-known cloud computing service provider. The company works by identifying world-class technology and designing simplified solutions to various marketplaces. It has built its niche due to online education, technical training, marketing materials, and reasonable pricing. The company specializes in services like disaster recovery, business continuity, and many others.

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4. InstaCompute – Tata Communication

InstaCompute is the new member of the Tata Communication providing the best cloud computing services to its wide customer base. The company offers the best, reliable, and flexible infrastructure as it incorporates the advanced and varied submarine cable networks. The services provide virtual machine servers, storage and network infrastructure making your life easy and smooth.

3. Wipro Limited

Wipro Limited is the leading company providing cloud computing services to all its customers. The company is backed by its industrial expertise, advanced technology, comprehensive business models, and wide experience along with an innovative approach to give the best services to its clients and customers. It provides the best and simplified cloud services ensuring complete data security.


2. Infosys

Infosys is the well-known organization providing cloud computing services to customers worldwide. They develop and execute strategies to bring the digital transformation of their clients and businesses. The services and products are extended to a variety of ranges like engineering, application development, knowledge management, and business processes solving the problems of clients effectively.

1.Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services is the leading organization offering cloud computing and business solutions for their simple and strengthen their businesses. Backed by the team of professionals, industry expertise, and innovative business, the company provides comprehensive products and services to meet the needs of the customers worldwide. The company has been recognized as one of the big brands by the Brand Finance.

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