35+ Best Conversation Between Two Friends – 2016

Conversation between Two friends in English

Here below you’ll find the best conversation between two friends about various aspects.

Short Conversation Between Two Friends

Sarah: Hello Jason, how are you, it’s been a long time since we last met?
Jason: Oh, hi Sarah I’m have got a new job now and is going great. How about you?
Sarah: Not too bad.
Jason: How often do you eat at this cafe?
Sarah: This is my first time my friends kept telling me the food was great, so tonight I decided to try it. What have you been up to?
Jason: I have been so busy with my new job that I have not had the time to do much else, but otherwise, me and the family are all fine.
Sarah: Well, I hope you and your family have a lovely meal.
Jason: Yes you too.

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Conversation Between Two Friends About their career

Jatin I’ve a natural bent for mechanical occupations. So I want to be an engineer. Especially so, because our country now needs engineers in large numbers for nations-building and defense works. What are you going to do, Naren?

Naren You know, my father is a doctor. He likes that I should take up that profession. What do you think of that, Jatin?

Jatin Well, in choosing a career, you see whether it suits your temperament. If you like it, you should certainly take up this profession, particularly when your father himself belongs to that profession. That will you help you much. Isn’t it?

Naren Quite so. I like to be doctor, but want to go my native village and treat the people for normal fee. Most of them are poor. They die without proper medical aid?

Jatin That’s a noble idea.

Naren But father does not like it. He wants to be with him. That will no doubt help me to earn a lot of money. But my ideal is to render service to my villagers. My revered teacher, Binode Babu, encouraged us in our school days to render service to the poor. I’ve imbibed that idea and now I want to put it into practice.

Jatin In that case you should persuade your father to allow you to follow your ideal. And he’ll surely do it. He has a large heart and helps the poor.

Naren I’ll do it and hope father will give his consent.


Conversation Between Two Friends after a long time

LINDA: Well, hello there, Deborah! Wow it is a long-time no see! It is great to see you again.

DEBORAH: Linda! Hello! What a coincidence! I haven not seen you in ages! It is great to see you. What are you doing in Manchester? Are you just visiting?

LINDA: I just got a new job in Manchester in finance, so I am shopping for some new clothes. Hey, what do you think of this skirt?

DEBORAH: Hmmmm… well, you remember how much I love black. See? I have got the same skirt as you!

LINDA: You have always had great taste in clothes! Well this is a small world.

DEBORAH: We must keep in touch. You still have my mobile number?

LINDA: No. I lost my phone here is my new number.

DEBORAH: OK. I will save your number.

LINDA: I have got to go back to work, give us a ring so we can arrange dinner sometime.

DEBORAH: For sure, take care bye.

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Conversation Between Two Friends About their hobbies


Kamal : Hello Jamal. good morning. what are you doing in this early morning?
Jamal  : very good morning. I am working in my garhden.

Kamal : Oh! what a beautiful garden it is! who helps you in your work?
Jamal  : I myself have done this. It is my hobby.

Kamal : I think it is not only a flower garden.
Jamal  : You are right. There are two parts in my garden. In one part i have planted flowers and in another
part i have cultivated vegetables. Kamal : How long have you been doing this.
Jamal  : For the last tree years.

Kamal : How do you feel?
Jamal  : this is a great source of joy and pleasure to me. It also keep my body strong and fit.
May i ask you to tell me about your hobby?

Kamal : My hobby is fishing.
Jamal  : It is really a very interesting thing.

Kamal : Of course. I get much pleasure from it. it makes us patient.
Jamal  : Oh! It is time to go to school. See you again.
Kamal : All right see you again.

Conversation Between Two Friends on pollution

Friend 1: hii! what are you doing ??
just came to throw garbage ..
HERE.. on the street ??
yes … any problem
if u will throw the garbage here and there , it will pollute the environment and if the animals will eat it .. it will harm them … and do u know we are having swachh bharat abhiyan organized by our prime minister ….in order to keep our country neat and clean … so u should also contribute in it 
oh!! thanks for telling and i will also contribute in keeping my country clean.

Funny Conversation Between Two Friends


Friend1 : Tell me an example of a creature who can live on land as well as water?

Friend2 : Frog

Friend1 : Good. But give me another example please

Friend2 : Another Frog..!

Conversation Between Two Friends on global warming

Zafi: Hello Zarif! How are you?

Zarif: I am fine and what about you?

Zafi: I am fine too. But why do you look so worried, my dear friend?

Zarif: No, I am not worried at all. I am just thinking about the causes of global warming and its harmful effect.

Zafi: Oh, I see. It is really a much talked issue in the present world. But I do not know much about it. What is global warming?

Zarif: Oh, yes! Global warming is the gradual increase of world’s temperature. The greenhouse effect is the most likely cause of this global warming.

Zafi: The greenhouse effect seems somewhat complicated to me. Please tell me something about it.

Zarif: Okay! The greenhouse effect is the gradual warming of the air around the earth as a result of heat being trapped by environmental pollution.

Zafi: Strange indeed! What might be the effects of global warming?

Zarif: The effects of global warming might be serious and dangerous. It is predicted that by midway through the next century world temperatures may rise by as much as 4ᴼc.

Zafi: What will happen then if temperature rises by as much as 4ᴼc?

Zarif: This will greatly reduce mankind’s ability to grow food and damage wildlife and wilderness.

Zafi: Oh, my God! I see a horrible situation is waiting for us due to global warming.

Zarif: Yes, indeed! Besides, due to global warming, the ice in the polar regions will melt. This will naturally raise the sea level of water and flood coastal areas.

Zafi: Really global warming is a great threat for our existence in this world. We must work to stop this global warming. How can we stop global warming?

Zarif: We have to work to reduce the emission of carbondioxide and plant trees more and more to stop this global warming. Thank you.

Conversation Between Two Friends on junk food

Me: {Thing 1}, what did you have for lunch today?

T1: Nothing.

Me: You didn’t have very much of the lunch that I packed. Did you eat the school lunch?

T1: No I didn’t.

Me: You know it’s okay. You can tell me if you eat the school’s food. It’s okay.

T1: No I didn’t. Maybe a little. They had chips.

Me: Okay. You had chips for lunch? You weren’t hungry for anything else? You ate a big breakfast. Were you not hungry today? Do you usually get hungry before lunch?

T1: (Looking off in space, not really paying attention) Yes! Very Very Hungry!!

Me: {Thing 1} Do you have a morning snack at school? (BTW-I know they do).

T1: Yes, we do.

Me: What did you have for your snack today?

T1: Your apple.

Me: That’s good. What do the other kids bring for snack? (sorry–I couldn’t resist)

T1: (Without hesitation) They bring junk food.

Me: They do? {Thing 1} what do they bring?

T1: Like…fruit snacks and……marshmallows. Hahahahaha! That was {So an So..}

Me: {Thing 1}, do you like your apple?

T1: Yes.


Conversation Between Two Friends on save water

Kashif: Hello! Abid, how are you?
Abid: I am safe and sound today but was not so yesterday.
K: What happened yesterday?
A I encountered heavy rain when I was going to bazaar to buy few things for cooking.
K: Why did you not take an umbrella with you.
A Indeed the sky was clear and no piece of clouds was there when I left my home at noon.
K: How did you save yourself?
A I could not save myself.
K: Why did you not search any shelter?
A There was no building so I could not save my self from rain and wind storm.
K: What did you feel when your were alone at that time?
A The flashes of lightening and thundering of clouds frightened me and I felt that perhaps, that was the last day of my life.
K: What you did then?
A I ran to my home without shopping.
K: Why did you do so?
A It was the only way to save myself.
K: When did rain and storm stop?
A The storm and rain stopped after an hour.
K: When did you come back to your home?
A I came back after two hours.
K: Why did you come so late?
A The streets were full of rainy water. The water took some time to lower its level. When the floor of streets appeared again then I was able to go to home.

Conversation Between Two Friends on corruption

Zafi: Hello, Zarif. What’s up?

Zarif: It’s cool. What about you?

Zafi: I am fine too. By the way, do you know the recent TI report about India.

Zarif: Yes, I know very well about the report. The report has disclosed that India is the third in corruption among the countries of the world.

Zafi: You are making a joke, but I am perplexed to hear this. I think you have no patriotism.

Zarif: I must love my country, but what can I do now?

Zafi: I admit you can do nothing alone. Most of the people of our country have become corrupted from clerk to high officers and the ministers.

Zarif: Exactly! And these clerk to high officers and ministers can do everything for their own interest.

Zafi: Right you are. Can you find out the causes of corruption in our country?

Zarif: In a developing and poor country like India, the main cause of corruption is corrupted politics. Corrupted politicians misuse their power.

Zafi: Yes, bribery and nepotism is mainly responsible for this heinous deed. The matter is very grievous and painful.

Zarif: Exactly! But we should be conscious in this matter. Family training to acquire morality is also necessary for the children.

Zafi: Our government should be sincere to remove corruption. The government should do its best to eradicate corruption

Zarif: I agree with you. Otherwise, there will be no hope for the nation.

Zafi: Absolutely! The earlier, the better. Thank you for such a nice discussion.

Zarif: You are most welcome.

Conversation Between Two Friends About cricket match

Ali: Did you watch the match between Pakistan and Australia last time?
Rahil:  Yes, but it was he marvel of Allah. Especially the performance of Shahid Afridi brilliant bowling and bating was very well.
A: I was also thinking that it was only due to century made by him, that we won the match.
R: But I have to say that last two batsmen discouraged us.
A: Do not have such negative thinking. It does happen in sports.
R: But I have critical ides. Criticism makes everything well.
A: Explain your ideas clearly. Umar Gul made and Saeed Ajmal brilliant bowling.
R: You know that there is no training academy for players in Pakistan. Our team should be trained before every tournament.
A: No doubt, it is good idea by you.
R: Now I am going to my house. goodbye.
A: Goodbye. Thank you

Conversation Between Two Friends About Diwali

Sheela: Hey hi, How are you?

Shaina: I’m fine, how are you? Tell me how was your Diwali?

Sheela: It was Fab. We enjoyed a lot. We lighted up so many lamps and enjoyed crackers too.

Shaina: Mine was also great. First of all we did Diwali Pujan with Ganesh Ji and Laxmi ji Statue and then we lightened up so many lamps. Our home was sparkling up with lights and joys and Happiness that Diwali brings with it.

Sheela: Ya, its a great festival and one of the most important one. I simply love Diwali.

Shaina: Which sweet you use to enjoy on Diwali?

Sheela: My Mom makes, Gujiya, Barfi and many other types of sweets on the occasion of Diwali. I simple love sweets so i enjoy all types of sweets. What sweets do you like on Diwali?

Shaina: I’m not that too fond of sweets, but yes i, also love to eat Gujiya’s.

Sheela: On Diwali there are so many guests that use to come and give their best wishes for the upcoming new year. I love all this tradition.

Shaina: We also use to go and visit our relatives. In fact now a days we have started to do a combined get together on the occasion of Diwali. In this celebration the entire family is invited and we use to enjoy a lot.

Shaina: We use to organize different types of games both for children’s and adults. Even we use to plan some games specially for couples. It is a great fun.

Sheela: Wow, it sounds so exciting. I’ll also propose this idea on next coming Diwali. I’m sure everyone will enjoy and this will definitely double the happiness of everyone.

Shaina: Ya it will. Now we should go for our classes. Recess is over. 

Sheela: Ok. Lets go.

Dialogue Between Two Friends regarding prayers

Osama:    Well now I’d like to take rest for a while I’ve had way meat.

Salman:   Ok, you take rest while I fix this picture of a landscape on the wall. Where is the sticky  tape?

Osama:   Out they’re in the drawer.

Salman:   Well, I think this picture needs to be a bit higher up. How do like it Osama.

Osama:   Lovely! Good, well done. It looks nice up there now let’s us go for prayer to the mosque.

Salman:   I am going to the market. I shall not be long.

Osama:   No, prayer first. You hear the moerzin’s call for prayers? Don’t you?

Salman:   sure, I do. But I am going out. It’s very urgent. My motorbike is out at gate.

Osama:   There is nothing in the world that ought to be more urgent than a prayer.

Salman:   I don’t really understand it a long and life is short. There is so much to do in the world. There is so

much fun, games, sports, TV, cricket, world cups, videos, features films, fun fairs, shopping,

and break and break and break. Sorry I am going.

Osama:  Dear! Who am I to hold you back? Dear as you are to me. I sincerely wish you prayed. Prayers

give us peace, freshness, balance, courage, hope, goodness in our short life here on the earth and

eternal goodness in the life here after.

Salman:  Oh, I am sick of your sermons, Osama!

Osama:  see, Allah has given us eyes, ears, hearts, hands, legs and brain. Salman, you see such a lovely

world in there around us. Great gifts they are! Aren’t they? We must thank Allah the Merciful, Sustainer.

As Muslims we pray and this is how we thank Allah.

Salman:  All right. I fear Allah. I love His, too. I will go with you.

Conversation Between Two Friends About exam

Meera The exam is drawing near. I’m not well prepared for it. So I’ve study hard now. I scarcely find time to play. How have you prepared yourself?

MinatiNot as bad as you say.

Meera you are a bright student. So you don’t find any difficulty. You know I’m weak in English. Besides, the course of Economics and Civics is so huge. I have not been able to go through the whole course even once. Mother was ill and I had to nurse her.

MinatiI am so sorry. Is she quite well now?

Meera Yes, she is.

MinatiWell, You may do one thing.

MeeraWhat’s that?

Minati Come to my house everyday. We will discuss the subjects. That’s help you much. I’ll try to explain away your difficulties.

Meera That’s very kind of you. I’ll certainly go to yours. Mother will be very glad to hear of your proposal.

Minati Then comes from to-morrow. It’s getting dark. Let us now go home.

MeeraThank you, Minati, for your kind offer.

Minati– No need of thanks. I’ll glad to help a friend if I can.

Meera Good-bye! And many thanks.

Conversation Between Two new Friends

Fionaa : Hi ! We met yesterday ! Where are you staying ?

Aneeta : I am staying at Dombivali.

Fionaa : Where are you working ?

Aneeta : I am working at Glaxo. I’m extremely-sorry, I forgot your name. What’s your good name ?

Fionaa : My ” good ” name is Fiona.

Aneeta : you know, Fiona, I am so lucky ! I have a secured job, a matured husband, and I am never tensed up. Let’s meet up, someday.

Conversation Between Two Friends inviting birthday

A: Hey, Robert, what are you doing this weekend?
B: I didn’t have any big plans.
A: We are putting together a birthday party for Mary.
B: That sounds like fun. Where will it be?
A: We thought it would be fun to have a pool party at Jay’s house.
B: Oh good! Can I bring anything?
A: We will be providing hot dogs, hamburgers, and cake, but people can bring side dishes.
B: I am assuming that the dress is casual.
A: Dress casually and bring your bathing suit!
B: Wonderful. Just e-mail me the time and date and I’ll be there.

Conversation Between Two Friends girl and boy

  • GIRL:You know what kind of wedding I want?
  • GUY:No, what kind?
  • GIRL:I’ve always dreamed of a wedding filled with elaborate elegance, a church filled with flowers and friends.
  • GUY:That’s nice!
  • GIRL:Yeah, so what kind of wedding do you want?
  • GUY:One that would make you my wife. :]

Conversation Between Two Friends About Social Networking

Zafi: Hello Zarif, how are you?

Zarif: I am fine and you?

Zafi: I am also fine. I came to learn that you have opened a facebook account. Is it true?

Zarif: Yes, it is true. Recently I have opened a facebook account.

Zafi: Could you please let me know why you have opened the account?

Zarif: The present age is an age of globalization. It is Internet which has made the world a global village. So, I think I should have a facebook account.

Zafi: It is okay if your aim is positive and fair.

Zarif: Of course, my aim is positive and fair. Facebook is the most popular social networking site that helps us to connect our relatives and friends living different parts in the world.

Zafi: You are correct. But you have to remain cautious about connecting unknown people.

Zarif: Strange indeed! What is the problem if I connect unknown people?

Zafi: You have raised a good question. You know some recent incidents occurred in different parts of the world.

Zarif: Yes, I know. Anarchy in different parts of the world is taking place through facebook. Arab spring was also spread through facebook.

Zafi: Exactly! However, don’t be too much addicted to facebook. If you become addicted to it, it will hamper your study and change your mindset.

Zarif: Yes, indeed! I see your concern is for my well-being.

Zafi: You are absolutely right. I hope you will never deviate from the right path. Thank you.

Zarif: You are most welcome. See you again.

Dialogue Between Two Friends meeting after 5 years

Zafi: Hello Zarif! How are you?

Zarif: I am fine. What about you?

Zafi: I am fine too. I am happy that we have met together after 5 years.

Zarif: Yes, a long time have passed. Why are you in this railway station?

Zafi: I am going to Sylhet.

Zarif: Sylhet! I knew that your house is in Comilla.

Zafi: You are absolutely right. I am now working as a doctor in a hospital there. What’s the matter about you?

Zarif: I am going to Chittagong.

Zafi: Five years ago I heard from Shimu that you with your family lived in Khulna.

Zarif: You are correct. Recently, I have been transferred from Khulna to Chittagong.

Zafi: Oh, I see. Are you still working as a college lecturer?

Zarif: Yes, I am now working in Chittagong City College.

Zafi: Have you got married?

Zarif: Yes, I have married two years ago. But what about your marriage?

Zafi: Yes, I have married four years ago. My husband is an engineer working in Sylhet. My train has come. I must be off now. Thank you.

Zarif: You are most welcome. See you again.

Conversation Between Two Friends About school picnic

Kamal          :          Hello, Hasan! How did you enjoy the picnic?

Hasan          :          It was really excittng. It was more enjoyable to me because I had never been to Garo Pahar before.

Kamal          :          I had also never been to Garo Pahar before. Our journey was also very enjoyable. The scenic beauty of the place is  wonderful.

Hasan          :          I had curiosity to know the life style of the Garo people. My long cherished dream had been fulfilled. Their’ life style simply amazed me.

Kamal          :          The lunch was also a great attraction to all of us. We were very hungry. So, we took our lunch at our heart’s content. The song, dance, comic and games also added to our pleasure.

Hasan          :          You have taken a lot of snaps, haven’t you?

Kamal          :          Yes. Here are the photographs.

Hasan          :          The picnic was so enjoyable that I’ll recall it for a long time.

Kamal          :          Same to me. Thank you very much. Bye.

Hasan          :          Bye.

Conversation Between Two Friends About new year

Matthew:  This party is going to be the best ever!  I am so glad you came to visit in time to celebrate the New Year with me, Phuong.

Phuong:  Thank you for inviting me. I get to celebrate two New Year’s this year then.  My parents asked me to come back home to celebrate the Vietnamese New Year with them, but that is not until February 7th.

Matthew:  Oh, that is right!  You and I celebrate New Year’s at different times!  Although the date of the Vietnamese New Year depends on when the new moon rises, Americans celebrate the New Year precisely on January 1st, regardless of whatever phase the moon is currently in.

Phuong:  Why are you having the party tonight? Why not wait until tomorrow?

Matthew:  Well, don’t you stay up the night before waiting for New Years to start?  I remember you telling me a while ago that you would stay up the night, waiting to set off fireworks with your friends when midnight finally arrives.

Phuong:  Yes, we do stay up the night before.  It is called Dem Giao Thua.

Matthew:  Exactly!  So your Dem Giao Thua celebration is exactly like my New Year’s Eve party. Although the party will not be as big as the one in New York, we will still be counting down to midnight.

Phuong:  How do you know about a party in New York if you live in California?  Were you invited to the party?

Matthew:  No, I was not invited to the party exactly. I know about the celebration in New York because it is broadcasted on TV every year.  And, everyone is welcome to attend; it is not an exclusive party like the one I am throwing tonight.

Phuong:  This party is shown on television?  What is so special about it?

Matthew:  Well, it is quite a big celebration.  Everyone gathers at a traffic intersection in New York called Times Square to watch various musical artists perform as they wait for midnight to come.  But everyone’s attention is mainly focused on the Ball.

Phuong:  The ball?

Matthew:  Yes, there is a very tall pole that stands upright on top of a building overlooking Times Square and at the very last minute before midnight; a large ball slowly slides down the pole.  The Ball is made of crystal and electric lights and signifies the New Year.  When the Ball reaches the bottom of the pole precisely at midnight, everyone celebrates the arrival of the New Year.

Phuong:  Wow, that all sounds so exciting!  I wish I could see the Ball drop.  Perhaps I should have gone to New York instead of coming to California to visit you.

Matthew:  Well!

Phuong: I am just teasing you, Matthew.  I would rather celebrate this New Year with you than a bunch of strangers in New York.

Matthew:  Well, I am glad to celebrate New Year with you too, Phuong.  And if you really want to see the Ball drop, it is always televised remember?  I was planning on turning the TV on before the countdown begins.  We can all count down the last minute of this year and watch the Ball drop together.

Phuong:  Awesome!  Your New Year customs are so fascinating. I am glad to be here at the right time.

Conversation Between Two Friends funny


Dialogue Between Two Friends About new teacher

Zafi: Hello Zarif! How are you?

Zarif: I am well and you?

Zafi: I am also well. What are you doing?

Zarif: I am just looking through the grammatical notes given by our new English teacher. He is excellent as a teacher.

Zafi: You are right. His teaching method is wonderful. His method of teaching and art of speaking are attractive.

Zarif: Yes, and his scholarship in English is immense. Besides, he can easily make an unpleasant thing pleasant.

Zafi: Exactly! His personality is also very nice. As a whole, he is an ideal teacher.

Zarif: We are really fortunate that we have got such a teacher.

Zafi: Do you know about his academic career?

Zarif: No, I do not. However, I do not think that a brilliant result is the sign of a good teacher.

Zafi: I also do not think so. But our new English teacher has a brilliant career. He has all through first class including Honours and Masters.

Zarif: Oh, I see! He is really a piece of diamond.

Zafi: Definitely! However, I take him for a good teacher not because of his brilliant result but because of his some other unique qualities.

Zarif: Exactly! I think he will contribute greatly to our learning of English language.

Zafi: I also hope so. Ok friend, thank you.

Zarif: You are most welcome. Bye and see you again.

Conversation Between Two college Friends

Faiza: Sonia have you heard some good news?
Sonia: No please tell me about it.
F: Our college principal, Mrs. Farhana is about to start a Debating Society in our college.
S: I do not know about it. Please tell me the importance of a Debating Society.
F: Really you don’t know any thing about it?  No. This is the best method to discuss different issues before audience. In this way some students are called upon to discuss some topics before a crowd of people. We get confidence by participating in debates. It makes everyone a successful person for the future life. This also reduces anxiety.
S: Are all the students bound to attend this society?
F: I don’t think so but it is very necessary for practical life. In this way we learn the rules and can practice how to discuss before crowd.
S: But who will teach these rules?
F: A teacher will preside over the meeting and will also teach us these rules to discuss before an audience. I think that it will be very difficult to speak before the people in the beginning. You can be disturbed and puzzled by the audience Debating Society untie this knot. It teaches us to overcome such situation.
S: Then I will join the Debating Society.

Conversation Between Two Friends summer vacation

A: Hurrah! Only ten days to the holidays.
B: I know. I have been counting the days. I am just sick of school.
A: So am I. What are you going to do with your rit these holidays?
B: I should like to go to the hills for a change. But that means money, and I don’t think my father will give it to me. What are you going to do?
A: Oh, I shall go home. My home is in the hilly part, where it is fairly cool in the summer; and I think I shall find plenty to do there.
B: You are lucky. My home is in the plains and it is very hot, and I soon get tired of the small village life.
A: Well, look here! Why not come to my home and stay with me for a few weeks?
B: That would be fine. But I don’t suppose your  father would want me there. I should only be in the way.
A: Not at all! Father told me last year, when I was at home, that I should bring one of my school-fellow with me, and have a good time. So come along!
B: I should love it! It’s very kind of you.
A: Splendid! We can have some good time together.
B: So we shall. Thank awfully.
A: Oh! You need not thank me; because I shall myself have a much jollier time with you there than if I were alone.

Conversation Between Two Friends regarding science

Hari I am humanities. And you?

Jadu I’ll take up science.

Hari What’s your reason for deciding so?

Jadu It’s the age of science. Science is at the root of the prosperity of a nation.

Hari True, but science, i.e., physical science is doing a lot of evil too. It has helped to invent destructive weapons. These have been a menace to the peace-loving people.

Jadu– That’s not the fault of science. If men misuse it. You can’t be blame science, can you?

Hari By the study of humanities. It’s the study of man in relation to man. It brings men to closer to one another. It develops the human sides. The triumph of physical science has made us forgot it. But unless we can develop the felling of universal brotherhood, the triumph of physical science cannot bring peace to the world. Only the study of philosophy and social sciences can achieve this end. That’s why I shall take up Humanities.

Jadu– Should we then gives up the study of science?

Hari Certainly not. Only I want to say that we must not neglect the one and turn our attention wholly to the other. The study of these two courses should go side by side.

Jadu I quite understand you now. Thanks for clearing my idea.

Conversation Between Two Friends jokes

Few friends were drinking whisky, suddenly the phone, kept on the table rang.

Boy: hello
Girl: Darling, I am out for shopping and I saw a gold jewelry set worth Rs.5500/-. May I buy that?

Boy: Ya dear. Why not?

Girl: There’s a silk dress worth Rs. 5500 too. May I purchase that too?
Boy: Ya dear, buy two of them..

Girl: Ok dear, your credit card is with me, may I use that to buy them?.

Boy: Ya ok.

All friends: Are you crazy? Are you her boyfriend or ATM? Dump her!
Boy: Leave all that, first you all tell me, whose mobile phone is this, coz it’s not mine!! (Source)

Conversation Between Two Friends who met after a long time

LINDA: Well, hello there, Deborah! Wow it is a long-time no see! It is great to see you again.

DEBORAH: Linda! Hello! What a coincidence! I haven not seen you in ages! It is great to see you. What are you doing in Manchester? Are you just visiting?

LINDA: I just got a new job in Manchester in finance, so I am shopping for some new clothes. Hey, what do you think of this skirt?

DEBORAH: Hmmmm… well, you remember how much I love black. See? I have got the same skirt as you!

LINDA: You have always had great taste in clothes! Well this is a small world.

DEBORAH: We must keep in touch. You still have my mobile number?

LINDA: No. I lost my phone here is my new number.

DEBORAH: OK. I will save your number.

LINDA: I have got to go back to work, give us a ring so we can arrange dinner sometime.

DEBORAH: For sure, take care bye. (Source)

Conversation Between Two Friends before exam

Minati-Hello, Meera! I seldom see you now-a-days in the park. What’s the matter with you?

Meera- The exam is drawing near. I’m not well prepared for it. So I’ve study hard now. I scarcely find time to play. How have you prepared yourself?

MinatiNot as bad as you say.

Meera- you are a bright student. So you don’t find any difficulty. You know I’m weak in English. Besides, the course of Economics and Civics is so huge. I have not been able to go through the whole course even once. Mother was ill and I had to nurse her.

MinatiI am so sorry. Is she quite well now?

Meera Yes, she is.

MinatiWell, You may do one thing.

MeeraWhat’s that?

Minati- Come to my house everyday. We will discuss the subjects. That’s help you much. I’ll try to explain away your difficulties.

Meera- That’s very kind of you. I’ll certainly go to yours. Mother will be very glad to hear of your proposal.

Minati- Then comes from to-morrow. It’s getting dark. Let us now go home.

MeeraThank you, Minati, for your kind offer.

Minati– No need of thanks. I’ll glad to help a friend if I can.

Meera Good-bye! And many thanks. (Source)

Conversation Between Two Friends for dinner

Adeel: Let’s dine out today.
Waqas: How nice! haven’t had a bit since morning.
The good lady (wife) is out.
But I haven’t any money on me, Who will foot the bill?
A: I will sand a dinner.
W: Let’s then have our dinner at a restaurant.
A: Where is the bill of fare?
Waiter: What! Beg your pardon.
A: Where’s the menu? What’s today’s special?
Waiter: Here’s the menu, sir.
A: All right, Lt’s have one plate of polao and half a plate of chicken curry.
W: How do you like it?
A: Oh, it is too spicy. It just whips the tongue.
W: Oh, it stings. My mouth is burning.
How about sweets?
Would you like to have some rasgullas?
A: Yes, I should very much like to.
W: How many rasgullas can you eat?
A: Four to five.
W: What! Only five! What a tiny appetite you have!
A: Now let’s have coffee.
W: Two coffees, please.
A: How did you like this dinner?
W: Of, it wasn’t much of a dinner.
A: Yes, it was just an apology for a dinner.
Nothing is sweeter than home.
W: Yes, distance lends charms to the view.
A: Let’s now hurry home. (Resource)

Conversation Between Two Friends talking About match fixing

Zafi: Hello Zarif! How are you?

Zarif: I am fine and what about you?

Zafi: I am also quite fine. Did you enjoy the cricket match yesterday between Bangladesh and New Zealand?

Zarif: Certainly! It is the first time that Bangladesh defeated New Zealand. I am very happy that I enjoyed the match in the stadium.

Zafi: What is your impression about the match?

Zarif: Oh, yes!  I was deeply impressed to see the performance of the two teams—particularly the team of Bangladesh.

Zafi: Yes, it was a great surprise that Bangladesh beat the Ex-World Champion— New Zealand.

Zarif: Exactly! You know New Zealand is one of the well-known teams in the cricket world. And it is very interesting that they were defeated by us.

Zafi: Yes. But it true that the fielding of Bangladeshi players was excellent. They fielded like a top class team.

Zarif: Certainly! And it was another reason that the New Zealand team failed to get high score.

Zafi: In the end it was an easy target for the Bangladeshi batsmen. But our team was so unpredictable that you couldn’t be surprised if they could not have achieved that.

Zarif: Definitely. But our batsmen also performed as well as the bowlers.

Zafi: You are right. I think Bangladesh will shine more in next matches and will bring good name and fame for the country.

Zarif: Certainly! Our hope is not unreasonable.

Zafi: Yes, indeed! Thank you very much and let us wait for the next match.

Zarif: You are most welcome. Good bye.See you again. (Resource)

Conversation Between Two Friends About studies

Zafi: Hello Zarif! How are you?

Zarif: I am fine and what about you?

Zafi: I am fine too. But I am in some trouble.

Zarif: I am sorry for that. Can I be any help of you?

Zafi: You know, Zarif, I missed many of my classes. And now I am having trouble with understanding those lessons. Exams are also knocking at the door.

Zarif: I see you are really in a great problem. In this case I am lucky enough because I maintained discipline and attended classes in time.

Zafi: Really you did the right job. Now I can realize that I have that I have made a great mistake. I thought that I would be able to complete all my lessons before the exams.

Zarif: It is really unfortunate that you have made a great blunder. We should maintain strict discipline in our student life if we want to do well in our exams.

Zafi: You are very much right. I even did not prepare my practical papers in time. I don’t know how I can prepare all those within this time. Now I am hopeless.

Zarif: I feel sorry for you. If you had completed everything with discipline, you would not have been in this situation now.

Zafi: I can now understand the importance of discipline in student life.

Zarif: Yes, discipline in student life is very important. You must not forget it.

Zafi: Yes, that’s is absolutely true. Student life is the best time to grow the habit of discipline.

Zarif: Exactly! If anyone fails to develop the habit of discipline, he must suffer.

Zafi: Of course! Thank you for your precious suggestion.

Zarif: You are most welcome. See you again. (Resource)

Dialogue Between Two Friends rising prices

Reporter : Good morning, sir. I have come from a daily “the Sun Rise”. Would you spare a few minutes?
Minister : Sure. What can I do for you?
Reporter : I want to discuss with you about the recent price hike. The price of essential commodities is increasing by leaps and bounds. As a result, the suffering of the people of low aware of the suffering of the people.
Minister : You are right. We are also aware of the suffering of the people.
Reporter : Would you please tell me the reason of price hike?
Minister : There are many reasons. But the most important is the dishonesty of some unscrupulous businessmen. Shortage of food supply due to low production also accelerates the price hike.
Reporter : Have you any necessary measures?
Minister : Yes. We are controlling it very strictly. Some dishonest businessmen have already been arrested and brought under judgement. Government has set fair price shops in different places of the country. Moreover, we are going to import a huge quantity of food grains.
Reporter : Do you think you‘ll be able to reduce the price hike?
Minister : I believe within fifteen days everything will be normal.
Reporter : Thank you very much.
Minister : Welcome.

Conversation Between Two Friends in Hindi Language

Conversation Between Two Friends About Study in Hindi

Saniya : Tum kon si Kaksha me padhti hoa?

Sandhiya : Mein Aathvi Kaksha me padhti hua, aur Aap?

Saniya : Mein 9 vi Kakcha me Padhti Hua.

Sandhiya : Kya aap school bus se aate hoa?

Saniya : Ha, Mein Bus se school aati hua, Mujhe Route no.24 ki Bus Pakdni Hoti hai.

Sandhiya : Wah bus to 15 Minute Pehle chali Gayi.

Saniya : Ek or Bus hai jo 4:45PM par aati hai.

Conversation Between Two Friends About Summer Vacation in Hindi
Conversation Between Two Friends on Pollution in Hindi

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