Top 10 Video Game Websites to Replace PC & Computer Video Games

Play Video Games online – People usually use system based video games, which consume a huge part of your computer hard disk & put lots of strain on your computer’s Ram. Most of the computer based video games require additional software to run, which is very daunting task.

If you have a high configuration laptop, desktop or other variant of PC, then you can enjoy the PC video games.If you don’t have a that much strong configuration system, which can not give you pleasurable gaming experience then supersede the idea from your brain of playing PC video Games.

Today in this post we are going to resolve your hard to load PC video games problem. If you have a normal configuration computer or other devices, then this idea can works wonder for you. We have bring a list to you, the best 10 free video games websites, (picked from a hundreds of video games websites).

video games websites list

Things to consider before using these high quality video game websites. You need a internet connection in your device or some of the website uses flash software to run their functions. We recommend you’re not familiar with any kind of software running in your system, then please Use Chrome Browser. It will resolve almost half of your problem, while playing video games online on these websites.

Advantages of playing Video Games on websites

Well, There is so many advantages of these video games websites & there are some disadvantages too. Now below i will highlight on both aspects. But, first talk about the advantages.

Cost Effective – In the traditional way of playing video games on Computer & other devices are costly. You just have to buy the video game, which cost you in high amount or the other option is you just download a pirated one, which harms your devices. If you use these free video game websites, then you do not need to spend more money on buying video games.

Freedom of Choice – In PC games you can just play games, which you have bought. In playing video games on these websites. You have plenty of choice to select more games, There is no fear of getting bored.

Relief from Heavy Software File – As you know in traditional video games, there is daunting task involved. game software installing, supporting software installing, some of the essential software disabling while playing PC video games, such as antivirus etc. But if you’re using these free video games websites, than you don’t need to worry about this hectic work. Just open the video game website & login to your account & start playing games.

There is lot more benefits of Playing Video games on websites then compare to playing traditional PC games. Let’s move to the Disadvantages of playing video games in websites.

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Disadvantages of Playing Video Games on websites

There have some side effects phased by peoples, who played video games regularly on these website. evidence & review found on internet, You can find them by searching on google terms like; side effects of video games, websites, side effects of playing video games online etc. There are some of the most common problems those people phase usually are below.

Addiction – Due to variety of game choice, new challenges in games & social connectivity. People wants to spend more time on these website, That is why they get addicted to these video games websites.

Privacy – These video game websites collect private information while opening a user account & also collect data from your system & internet connection information, That is a huge matter of concern.

Kills Social Life – As the above point defines, These video games websites makes people addicted. So, when people spent more time on these website, then social life automatically reduced.

As i told above is all about the List of Top 10 video games websites. People are more intelligence nowadays to understand very well Good or Bad for Them. So without taking your time, come to the main point of the post. I ranked these free video games websites based on my personal experience. It may be ranked up or may be ranked down according to individual’s point of view.

The List of Top 10 Websites to Play Video Games Online


1. – This website got the first place the list of top 10 websites to play video games online. It has a very large number different category video games to choose from. You will never get bored using this website’s video games. You can use this website by creating your account on it or by just connecting with your Facebook account. You can also play on this website with your Facebook friends.

Game Types You Can Choose:



2. – It is one of the most popular video games website, which use worldwidely. It has a huge list of high quality games to serve its user. I personally can say, This website is pretty handy for me. The technology they use to build video games does not affect on your device. You can easily play video games on any device online.

Some of the most popular games played by their users are;, 8 balls pool (mine favorite),, Tanki Online, Soccer Stars Mobile, Soccer Physics, Basketball Stars, Supper soccer logins etc. Also there are about 70 categories to choose video games according to your desire. Let’s have a look a quick view of those categories below.

Game Types You Can Choose:

  • 3D Games
  • Cricket Games
  • Adventure Games
  • Football Games
  • Golf Games
  • Puzzle Games


3. – This website is the leading player in video games Industry. The Sway the video games all around the world. People spend more time on its games than other games on social media websites. The website has more than 200 video games better from one another.

I have listed some of the best video games playing all around the world on this website like; candy crush, Farm heroes super saga, Alpha Betty saga, Candy Crush Soda, Pet Rescue Saga,  Diamond Digger Saga and many more.


4. – is on the 4th place in the list of top 10 video game websites. It is one of the most trusted website among the playing high quality video games all over the world. You can choose games from a huge list type; Action, adventure, arcade, bikes, sports, casual, cricket, football etc. This website a full package of video games.

If you want to about the how trusted this gaming website is, then you can consider it by its success. It is the only india’s largest online casual gaming site or listed in the world’s top 5 gaming website list according to registered users & traffic.


5. – It is the website where you can find highest quality online games. All the games, which you will find are completely free. This website has a massive collection of games include; The most popular racing games, genres, Action, mmo games & much more. As the website promised itself, that once you enter the website you will never get bored for hours.

As my advice, the best categories to find your desired video games on this website are; 3D games, Adventure Games, Defense Games, Driving Games, Flying Games, Girl Games, Multiplayer Games, Puzzle, Sports, Shooting Games & Unity Games.


6. – On the sixth position, It one of the most popular video game website among the all video game lovers world widely. The website give extensive range of high quality games. If you would like to play video games on this website, than you can choose the best one from categories; Puzzle, Jigsaw, Word, Hidden Objects, Strategy Games, Matching, Racing, Time Management, Adventure, Action, Shooting, Car Racing, Sports & Family Games etc.

This Video game website gives you another great offers, You can download the entire range of high quality video games on your system. All the downloadable games are built with light codes, which will not harm your system.


7. – is one of the most trusted brand in gaming industry in India. It has a huge collection of high quality video games to let the users play online. You can find your desired video games from the categories include; Puzzle Games, Card Games, Board & Word Games, Hidden object games, Bingo, Casino, slots, Mahjong & Club Games.

You can also download video games from this website for offline playing.


8. – Another great website to play video games online. I have ranked this website 8th down in my top 10 video games websites list. You can choose your favorite game from huge varieties of games from the top categories include; Multiplayer’s, Action, Sports, Girls, Puzzle, Racing & many more. Also you can download your favorite video games on your system for offline playing.


9. – On the 9th position, It one of the most popular video game website among the video games lovers. It has a huge list of categories to choose your favorite games from includes; Jigsaw, Word,  Puzzle, Strategy Games, Matching, Hidden Objects, Racing, Adventure, Action, Shooting, Car Racing, Time Management,Sports etc.


10. – This website got the last place the list of top 10 websites to play video games online.I personally can say, This website is pretty handy for me. You can choose games from a huge list type; Action, adventure, arcade, bikes, sports, casual, cricket, football etc. This website a full package of video games.

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