How to Redirect 404 Error Pages to Home Page In Blogger

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What is 404 Error Pages, Why Do They Occur?

404 Error is a Server Code, It response when someone Lands to a Not Actual path/URL. That means the server could not find the Requested URL. This Issue found on all websites due to Below Things.

  1.  A Bad Navigation Link Points to Your Site (Usually Occurs When Someone Link-back to your site with Broken Link).
  2. When you rewrite your Old Urls To New Ones.
  3. When you Deleted your Blog’s Post/Pages those Already Cached or Listed on Other Servers.
  4. When you Migrate your Website to Other Server.
  5. When you Accidentally Loose your old Website’s Url by Redesigning.

How to Handle with a 404 Error Page in Blogger

In your Webmaster Tool, There is an Option, Where you find all the 404 Urls (When last time Google Crawler visited your Website & Got Some unresponsive Paths there,Collect That data & Shows you the Possible Errors on Your website) on your Website. If you found 404 Error pages there, Then You can Fix them by Using Manual method. By Redirect post to Post redirection.

How to Fix 404 Error in Blogger

In Blogger, There is a Custom 404 Error Page Area. Where you can Set a Custom 404 Message to your Users. You can Navigate them to Websites Home Page or Wherever you want. Also Can Set a User Sitemap to better navigation.

I personally Use Both Custom Auto Redirect to my Website’s Home Page in within 5 to 7 Seconds. Also Given a Popular Category Sitemap, That allow Users to Navigate Their own choice Category. Here Below is the Steps to handle with this situation.

  • Step 1: Log In to Your Blogger Dashboard >> Settings >> Search Preferences >> There is “Errors and redirections” Section Where you Find “Custom Page Not Found” Field.
  • Step 2: Click on Edit Button & Paste the Below Code.
<h1>Oops 404!</h1>
<br><b>The page you are looking for may have been renamed or does not exist in this server.</b>
<br><br><b>You will be redirected to homepage shortly.</b>
blogger_redirect = setTimeout(function() { location.pathname= "/" }, 7000);
<br><b>Browse Most Popular Category</b>
<br><b><a href="Main Blog Url Here">Home</a></b>
<br><b><a href="Category 1 URL Goes Here">Category Name 1</a></b>
| <b><a href="Category 2 URL Goes Here">Category Name 2</a></b>
| <b><a href="Category 3 URL Goes Here">Category Name 3</a></b>
| <b><a href="Category 4 URL Goes Here">Category Name 4</a></b>
| <b><a href="Category 5 URL Goes Here">Category Name 4</a></b>



Note : Replace “Main Blog URL Here” with your own Website/Blog’s Home Page URL & “Category URL goes Here” with your Category Urls & The Last One “Category Name” With Your Desired Category.

From Now, Whenever a User lands to a 404 Error Page redirect to home page within few seconds till then he has option to navigate to desired category before that page redirect to home page.

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