Google Omitted Results – What & How To Remove the Bad URLs

If you Belong to SEO Industry or You’re a Webmaster, Then you should know the importance of being index all the pages of your website to Get maximum Exposure to get high quality traffic. But Sometimes after fetching your website’s all the pages, google’s algorithm find some of your urls are bad urls & Google pushed them to Omitted Results & Never Shows them in Google Search Result Pages. It means those URLs are worthless for your website. Now Omitted Results clearly indicate you to deal with those bad URLs, this is a Golden Opportunity to Make your website’s clean, High Quality content based website.

How does Google Recognise Omitted Pages In Google Search Results

There is Much more algorithm Running behind the Omitting Pages in Google Search Results Pages. I have listed below some of the reasons why google omitted The Pages.

  • If google find the same content/Duplicate on Multiple Pages.
  • If Quality of Content on the page is Low.
  • If Url is Unique or Exist & Page is Blank.
  • If Page has Scripts & Don’t Allow Users to Spend Time on It. The User Experience score on that Page Is Zero.
  • If you use Parameters to Your Website & Not Done Properly, Then It can Lead to Several Page Omitted by Google

How To Find out Omitted Pages by Google

This is quite so Simple, You Just need to Type in Google “” & Search. You will Find all the indexed pages of Your website by Google, Go to last page of Google search results pages & Try to find out Massage like Below.

In Order to show you the Most Relevant Results. We have Omitted Some
Entries Very Similar to The (No of your Actual Pages Indexed) Already Displayed.
If you Like, You Can Repeat The the Search with Omitted Results Included.

Now you can find all the bad Urls of your website those have been Omitted by Google. Open each Bad Url & Copy that Url to your Computer. Prepare a Complete List of Omitted Urls & Remove them. If your website’s Home page or Other Important page Has been Omitted by Google, Then You can Recheck your Robots.txt file is Configured in Right Way.

Note: If you find Some of the Bad Urls are Useful to Your Users, Then No need to Remove them. Make sure you’re going to Remove Worthless Urls from Google.

Remove Omitted Results from Google

Login to Google Webmaster Tool >> Select your Website >> Go to Dashboard >> Google Index >> Remove URLs >> Create a New Removal Request >> Copy 1 Url from Omitted Urls List, Paste & Continue. Every time you need to Create a New Url Remove Request for Each URL & Continue. It will take few Hours to 72 Hours to Completely Remove Bad Url belong to Your Website from Google Omitted Results. Now Enjoy with quality Website.

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