How To Use Google Drive as Web Server – Google Drive for File Hosting – Make Free Website on Google Drive

Hi Friends Today I am Going to teach you How use Google drive as web server to host your static Website or Apps. There is lots of benefits using Google drive a server

Advantage of using Google Drive for you Website.
1. You don’t need to buy any domain Name or any hosting Space.
2. It gives you 15 GB Space to host your files, video.
3. A strong Host server Risk Free.
3. Server Down Problem Free and many More…..
You just have to do few important things before get into it.
1. If you Don’t have Google Chrome, Download Chrome First than go for next step. Firefox or other browser doesn’t support for folder uploading.
2. You need a simple HTML complete website or for testing download a simple HTML template. Unzipped that template.
Let’s go for Practice.
A) Open Google Drive In your Chrome Browser.

Click on Uploading Sign, Select your folder that was unzipped or your own website main Folder.

After Uploading your folder check the box  & Click on More option Button. After that you will see a pop up in that pop up click on share.
When you see the page like upper Image click on Change after that click on view as Publicly & Save that Setting or Done. After That open your Website folder & click on any HTML file. You will see HTML format source & also see a open button in Bottom Right Side click on that. You will be divert into a new tab with the source like this.
Now Click on Preview Thats your live Page
This is your website main URL &
This is your page you can download Any file change what you want than upload again.  You can upload any video also here.
Note: There is just some issues, You can only upload HTML, css, or application not php, or other language for It.
You Can’t Edit the main website address :
You can Just change only pages URL what you will make in your website.