How To Setup Bing Ads Center Account/ First Ad Campaign

Bing Ads Center is very Popular in USA. Its work functionality very similar to Google Adwords. Both Uses the amount charge to PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisement on the basis of CTR (Click through Rate). But Bing Ads Center is Cheaper than Google Adwords. It allows their Advertiser to target audience by choice, Advertiser also have options to pause & Play ads anytime & Keywords Biding, Ads Bidding change Anytime.

How to Setup A Bing Ads Center Account & First Campaign

Creating Bing Ads Account

1. Go to – Click on Sign up Button Select Signup Option the Hit Continue.
2. Fill all the Basic Ads Info & Click on Create Button.

Now you have created your Bing Ads Center Account.

Create & Import your First Campaign

There’s you have two option first you can import your existing Campaign from Google Adwords or You can Create a Fresh campaign in Bing Ads Center. Choice is Your, But here we’re creating Bing Campaign, So Click on Second Option (Create a New Campaign)

To Creating New Campaign; There is three step guide.

1. Create An Ad.
2. Choose Your Keywords.
3. Campaign Setting.

How to Create an Ad Unit

To creating an Ad you have to fill below form to make a great Ads Unit.

A. Ad Type – Where you can choose your Ad format. ex ; Text Ads/Mobile Wap ads
B. Ad Title – Where you use Terms that well Describe your business in the limited 25 characters Long Title. Use your most prosperous keywords.
C. Ad Text – Here in this box you can describe your business in well manners or Force to users by Call to action. There is also 71 characters Limit.
D. Display URL – Which will show in your live Ads to Users with Limited Characters Option. Use your Service name along with your Domain Name.
E. Destination URL – Here place your Landing/Service page. Where after Clicking User will interact with You.

Now if you have filled all the Boxes with your Data. you can see Live Preview of your Ad. Check That Ad Unite If all the information are correct, Then you can Skip to Next Level. If not; Then Correct Again.

How to Choose Keywords for Higher CTR

There is Also Two Option; Enter Keywords & Research Keywords.
If You have an already Keywords List, You can Add Them to Your Ad Campaign. If Not the Use Other Alternate Listed Below.

1. Enter Keyword – If You have an already Keywords List, You can Add Them direct to Your Ad Campaign. Just Put Your Ads List in the Box & Click on Add Button below to the Box. Keywords will Automatically Listed into Right Side Box. Where you can Change Keyword type, Keyword Bid & also change Bid by Ad Location.

2. Research Keyword – In this Section you have Three option to find Best Suited Keywords to Your Ad Campaign.

a. Find Keyword Containing a Word/Phrase – Just Type the Keyword Related to your Ad & Select Your Ad Type By Ticking Box Below, Click on Search Symbol. Now you have a huge list of keyword, select your desired keyword & Add theme to your Campaign.

b. Find keywords from your choice website – Just put your desired website URL & Select Your Competitor Destination URL and click on search box. You will find related keywords to the Website/Url you submitted there. choose your keywords from there.

c. Find Keywords from The Destination URL of Your Ad – Just put Ad destination URL and click on search box. You will find related keywords to the Url you submitted there. choose your keywords from there.

How to do Campaign Setting;

1. Give a Name of Your Campaign.
2. Select Your Time Zone or Targeted Country Time zone.
3. Set the Campaign Budget according your Flexibility; Daily or Monthly.
4. Select Your Ads Language for Better Conversation Rate.

Now we have Completed All three Steps Above. Now Just Click on Save Button & Skip to Next Level. After Skipping the Option Three You Are Going To Live.

But Before You going Live; There is One More Step to Follow Or You Can Skip This If you Don’t Wanna Live Your Ads Right Now. You can Run Them Later. Complete the Payment Processor or Skip This Option & You Will be Redirect to The Ads Dashboard.

Congratulation for Your First Bing Ads Center Account Setup & First Campaign Setup.