How To Full Backup & Restore of Blogger Template/Content

The Backup/Restore template feature in Blogger can be accessed from Template Section of your Blogger Dashboard.

With “Backup Template” You can easily download your website/blog’s Complete template backup on your computer. Downloaded template can be useful, when accidentally/coding errors you loose your website design. Then Fortunately you have a copy of that template on your computer, which can you use that later.

How to Complete Backup of Blogger Blog/Website’s Template

Open Your Blogger Dashboard & Choose Template Section from Left sidebar >> Here you see a Tab on Left Upper Area with Named “Backup/Restore” Click on that. After Click on that tab you will prompt to a Pop-up. Where you see tab named “Download Full Template” click on it & You’re done with Downloaded Template.

How to Restore Blogger Website/Blog’s with Backup Template

Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Choose Template Section >> Click on Backup/restore Section. A Pop-up Will Come-up, Where you Find a tab named “Browse” Click on It, Select Template file from Your Computer, Then Click on Upload. Now you’re done With Restoration of Backup Template.

There is Another one Thing that Bloggers Usually Asks & Searching for.

How to Fully Backup Blogger Hosted Website/Blog

Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Click on Settings >> Others, Here you’ll find Blog Tools section with Three Live Link Tab, “Import Blog” , “Export Blog” , “Delete Blog” You just have to click on “Export Blog” – It will automatically Download a Copy of Your Website/Blog’s Posts, Comments in your Computer in XML format.

Benefits of Downloading Full Backup of Blogger Website/Blog

1. If you accidentally delete your blog, It will help you to recover from Damage.
2. If someone report you/You’re violating blogger terms of Service. In this Case you can Loose your Blog content permanently. To prevent this kind of Situation, Keeping Backup of your Blog is good thing for You.
3. With This Backup you can Merge More than 1 Blogs Content to a single Blog.

How to Restore Blogger Website/Blog from Backup

Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Click On Settings >> Others, Search for CTRL+F ; Import Blog. After Finding “Import Blog” Click on It, You will Prompt to a Pop-up, where you Find “Browse Button” Click on it, select your Downloaded XML Format Backup File. File the Captcha Details & Click on Import Button. Now you all Done with This Tutorial.

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