How To Setup Google Webmaster Tool for a Website

If you have a website/blog or running an online business, You need to get lot of users to accelerate your online business. But how do you find out, how does your online website attracting people. A Big challenge for Newbies who doesn’t know about Google Webmaster Tool.

Now the Question Is What is It & Benefits of It?

Google Webmaster tool is free software platform that track a website’s complete health, This Platform is an essential part for who’re connected to seo Industry. New things happen very quickly in seo Industry. It gives a very helpful insight related to website.

Benefits of Google Webmaster tool

  1. Get Website Health Notification; Broken links, Coding Errors, Malware Detect, crawling issues etc.
  2. Latest & Last three months Keywords & Pages Analysis Report.
  3. Last three months Inbound Links & Also check how does your website Internally Linked.
  4. Can increase website traffic by targeting Right Keywords on Those website already ranked. Just Improve CTR by Optimize them According to Keywords.
  5. Interact with Google about application Related to Webmaster, Notification, Spam quality Improvement.
  6. There is Some Inbuilt Tools Those Helps to make a Faster website for User compatibility.
  7. Allow you opportunities How do you want to show your Content on Search Engines by Structured Data & Data highlighter Option.
  8. Allow you to target Audience According your Need by Using International Targeting Option.
  9. Allow you to Not to Show Some Legal or Content that you Don’t want to Crawl by Search Crawler by remove content from Google Indexing Option.
  10. Allow you give Google instruction about how does search engine deal with website by using URL Parameter option.

There is lot more benefits of using Google webmaster tool.

Now come to The Point. How to Setup Google webmaster tool for a website.

To Adding a Website to Google Webmaster You Need Things Listed Below.

  • Websites FTP Access or Administration Access to add the Code/file to website.
  • An gmail Email or other Domain Email Address configured with Google Mail.
  • An Internet Connection.

Lets Add a Website to Google Webmaster Tool

  • Go to & Login with Your Email Address. After Log In You will be Redirect to Webmaster Dashboard.
  • Click On ADD Site Button From Right Sidebar. See Example Below.

Add Website to Webmaster Tool

  • After Clicking Add Site a Pop-up will Appear. Fill your Website’s base URL.

Ex; ( see Image Below.

Add Website to PopUp Webmaster Tool

  • After Adding Site to Webmaster You will go to Verifying Method Page.

Verifying a Website in Webmaster Tool by Using Different Methods.

Recommended Method

In this Method Webmaster Tool creates a unique html file for Each website when you submit into Webmaster tool. You Just Have to Download that HTML file from there & Upload that file to Root Directory of website & confirm successful upload by checking that file.

Example; spouse webmaster tool gives me Below File

[code lang=”xml”]google543.html[/code]

 & I Uploaded that file to my website’s root directory. when i go to confirm the file, It will look like snippet below.

[code lang=”xml”][/code]

Now Just I have to go Back to Recommended Method Page Click on Verify Tab. Now that’s all Done with This Method.

Alternate Method

There is four types of methods to verify the Website ownership. Html Tag, Domain Name Provider, Google Analytics & Google Tag manager. Lets Verify the Website By Using All

Alternate Methods.


Click on Html tag Checkbox; Webmaster tool will give you a Snippet of Meta Property See

Below. Copy That Code & place by using methods below.

Example of; Where to Upload Html Tag Code.

[code lang=”xml”]</p>
<p style=”text-align: justify;”><html></p>

<div class=”meta-example-indent”>
<div class=”meta-example-indent”>
<b><meta name=”google-site-verification” content=”aBPS2haobuNGTVckwdbpGm_22Rn-gWnAy4SLAIUCMiE” /></b>
<div><title> My title </title></div>
<div class=”meta-example-indent”>page contents</div>
<p style=”text-align: justify;”></html></p>
<p style=”text-align: justify;”>[/code]

Uploading on Basic Website: Go to Your Website’s Header file & Place That snipped of Code just Example below.

[code lang=”xml”]<head>[/code]

Paste code, save & Upload. Go to html tag verification Page in Webmaster Tool & Click on Verify.

Domain Name Provider

This is very easy but time taking process, In this method you don’t need to do any changes in your website coding. You just have to few things to complete all settings. Go through the dropdown menu from your webmaster tool’s domain verification tab. Select your domain host from drop down. If you don’t know your domain host provider, Then click on “I don’t know who is this” tab, browser will automatically redirect you to whois related page where you can easily find your domain host name. Come back to same point select your domain host name & follow steps below.

Here’s an example how you can verify your website by using domain host name provider.

1. I select Godaddy for Showing Example. there is 3 steps verification. click on Add a TXT Record for verification Code.
2. Open in New Tab & Login with my email Address, Which I have used to Buy my Domain from Godaddy.
3. Go to MYAccount >> Click on Domain Name >> Go to DNS Manager Head >> Click On Launch.
4. Go to TXT (Text) Section, Click on Quick Add.
5. There is Two Column Named; Host & Txt Value. Fill Host Column With @ & Txt Value Column With Tag file that you got when you select Domain Name Provider. See Example Below.

[code lang=”xml”]

6. Leave TTL Column Remain the Same as By Default.
7. At last Step Click on Labelled Name “Save Zone File” here you are all done with This Trick.

It will take about 24 to 72 hour to update to Effect. Once its all done, Go back to the webmaster Verification page & Verify.

Google Analytics Verify Method

This is very simple option to verify your authority in webmaster tool for a website. But you must have the administrator power for that website in Google analytics tool.

Things to follow in Processor of verifying a website in google webmaster through google analytics.

1. Go to Google Analytics Tool >> Login with authorised Email Address >> Select website, Which you want to verify.
2. Now Click on Admin in Top Menu >> In Property Column click on Tracking Code Under Tracking Info.
3. Copy the JavaScript Code from Box. see example code below.

[code lang=”xml”]
(i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o),

ga(‘create’, ‘UA-id’, ‘auto’);
ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’);


4. Place that JavaScript code just before the tag Below in header file & Save.

[code lang=”xml”]</head>[/code]

Thats all folks. Hope You Enjoy the Tutorial.