How To Create Custom Permalink Blogger Post/Static Page Urls

Recently Someone Asked me, There is any way to Create Custom Permalink Urls in Blogger. So I decided to Write a post about This Topic. Earlier there is such no option to create a permanent URL by your own choice, The URL of every post generates automatically, There were lots of loop in dynamic URL, You can’t focus on keyword with auto generated Url. In last year Blogger released the Custom method of Permalink. Where you can write Post URL manually by your choice & Make a better seo Friendly Post.

What is Custom Permalink

Custom Permalink allow you to Create a Custom Url or rewrite old URL of any Blogspot Post. In Other Words when you write a post blogger’s by default permalink generates (Without Stop words, & Some times when title is long, It removes extending words from permalinks). Let me Show you an Example below.

Ex; Normal Permalink Vs Custom Permalink

I Created a Title Like this in Blogger Post ;

how to create custom permalink for blogger blog post

& Got the Url Like Below.

Because of a Lengthy Title Blogger Removed some of Extensive part of the Title from Url. I Don’t want Miss  “Blogger Blog Post” important words for my seo Score.

Here is the Custom Permalink URL What I Actually Wanted, After Using Blogger Custom Permalink Option.

Now the Question is;

How to Create Custom Permalink for Blogger’s New Post

When you create a New post in Blogger, Just go to Right Sidebar & Click on “Links” Tab which is the Permalink Section. Then tick on Custom Permalink Box, Now there is a blank box field. Where you have to write your desired Url with Choice Keywords, But use “-” to separate each word in URL.

Note : You can use following characters in custom URL “0-1″, “A-Z”, “Underscore, Dash, Periods”. I will recommend you to use dash (-) to separate words in URL. Here below is the complete Information on the same topic, Checkout Matt Cutts Video…

Now The Creating Custom Permalink tutorial is Complete, But there is another problem people usually face, while creating Custom Permalink to Custom Blogger Static Page. Lets dive into the tutorial.

How to Create Custom Permalink for Blogger’s Old Post

The Trick for creating Custom Permalink for New Post is Easy, But what about an Old Post. If you rewrite the old URL to New Custom Permalink. The old URL will hit as 404 URL. The Question is Now, How to Handle with This Problem. Solution is, Just Rewrite old URL To New URL & Redirect Old Url to New Url By Following Tutorial by clicking Here.

How to Create Custom Permalink URL for Blogger PAGE

When someone creating a Blogger Static Page, There is a Limited Time of Period till Page auto save. If you did not complete your Title in Between (Usually Take 4 to 5 seconds to auto save the Page) or mistype the title, You will get an Id based/page1,page2 type URL.


While I’m creating a Static Page; I Just Wanna Type title “How to Create Custom Permalink Url for Blogger page“, But before Page auto saved I just typed Till “How to create Custom Permalink Url for” the Url Creates Like Below.

But I don’t want to Miss My most Important Keywords from URL.

Now the Question is How to get come over it.

You Need to Do Some Homework on Your Notebook Before Going to Create a Static Blogger Page. Now I Want To create another page with Title like “How To Create Blogger Custom Permalink Static Page” & Follow the Steps Below.

Step 1: Open a Txt File on computer & Write Down Static Url, What I really Wanted Like; “How-to-create-blogger-custom-permalink-static-page” & Copy this URL.
Step 2: Go to Blogger DashBoard>> Click On Pages>> Click On New Page Tab & Put The Copied URL “What I’ve Created in TXT File” in Title Field, Then Click on Publish Button.
Step 3: Now I’ve Got The Desired URL. Replaced Title with Desired Tile & Update Content in Content Field.

Now You’re Done with This Trick.

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